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We work quickly, we advise exhaustively, we help willingly, we train with pleasure.

Lavoro is a distribution company in the GCC region. We supply, provide technical support, as well as training for professional installation companies. The founders of Lavoro have the experience of distributing AV-equipment for more than 20 years.

Our task: to bring brands to the markets in a full -fledged way. Create a network of dealers, conduct training and provide technical support on the first call.

Large stock of products
We are responsible for warranty obligations
Delivery of goods by UAE
Showroom in the Dubai office with a demonstration of equipment.
Development of own technical solutions
Special purchase conditions
Only professional brands
Technical support for installers
Demo equipment for testing and client presentations
Assistance in drawing up specifications, wiring diagrams, quoting assistance


Not all brands shown are available for sale in the UAE
The products of Key Digital (USA) are high-tech solutions in the field of distribution and processing of analog and digital audio / video signals: video processors, audio / video amplifiers — signal distributors, audio / video switches, digital connecting cables, adapters, etc. The company has more 40 HDTV patents.
For decades, Magnat has stood for the consistent path to an unadulterated and pure sound. In this way, the brand has developed many legends from car audio and home audio and set standards worldwide. Today, the Magnat range is still up to date and keeps pushing the boundaries of acoustic development with innovations.
North American based RTI has been a leader in automation systems for over 20 years. The RTI product line includes consoles, panels and control processors.
Emotiva is a US based company which is known for delivering high-end sound at low prices, without compromising on build quality. The company’s line of products include amplifiers, preamplifiers, speakers, subwoofers and more.
ProControl is a new division of RTI. ProControl presents a new line of equipment: control panels, processors and accessories for creating control systems.
HECO is a brand name that represents a rich and long tradition in German speaker production. Since the day the company was founded more than seven decades ago, it has been committed to developing an uncompromising, high quality reproduction of music in a home environment.
4K UHD resolution in ProAV
A new generation of connectivity for ProAV — AV over IP
In video signal transmission from sources to displays we deal with digital data that needs to be transferred with maximum accuracy, but how exactly high definition 4K video is sent to displays?
It does not take long for everyone to hear about this new buzz that comes with AV over IP (AVoIP). A basic look at the technology and features of this new technology will be covered in this paper.
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