American company OSD offers a dedicated "Black" series of high quality in-ceiling and in-wall speakers with a slim frame grille. They are easy to install, have back dust cover and rubber feet toprevent a dry-wall/ceiling breaking when tighten screws. Except for typical mono and stereoinstallation speakers OSD Black offers low-depth and water-resistant models. There are alsoinstallation speakers for Home Cinema: round in-ceiling and rectangular in-wall speakers. In additionOSD Black manufactures a few in-wall and in-ceiling passive subwoofers.

Speaker Categories

Round in-ceiling speakers

Low-depth & water-resistant in-ceiling speakers

Speakers with angled woofer (for Home Cinema)

Stereo in-ceiling speakers

Small woofer (5” diameter) in-ceiling speakers

Medium woofer (6.5” diameter) in-ceiling speakers

Large woofer (8” diameter) in-ceiling speakers

Rectangular in-wall speakers for Home Cinema

LCR in-wall speakers

Medium woofer (6.5” diameter) in-wall speakers

Large woofer (8” diameter) in-wall speakers

In-ceiling & in-wall subwoofers (passive)

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