Almost for 75 years a German manufacturer Heco is manufacturing best sounding Hi-Fi speakers. HECO represents a rich and long tradition in German speaker production. Since its first day the company has been committed to developing an uncompromising, high quality reproduction of music in a home environment. Legendary speaker series have shaped the image of the brand to date. A great number of test victories are proof of Heco’s passion for perfection. The company combines its expertise to produce outstanding products.

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Celan Revolution series

The HECO Celan range has been thrilling music lovers and home cinema fans around the world for three generations now. However, rather than rest on their laurels, our design and development team wanted to create a unique, standalone loudspeaker family in the fourth generation as a worthy successor to the legendary Celan GT Series — the Celan Revolution.

In Vita series

What do you need for a perfect loudspeaker? The best components and the know-how to combine them perfectly. Exactly according to this recipe, the brand new In Vita series was created.

Aurora series

Besides the Roman goddess and the northern and southern polar lights, the name Aurora now also lends itself to maximum acoustic performance. HECO´s current speaker family is characterized by newly developed components and innovative technology, and it offers the discerning listener excellent sound characteristics in both stereo operation with high-quality music reproduction, as well as in a fully-fledged surround setup with movie soundtracks.

Victa Elite series

Heco stands for more than 70 years of experience in loudspeaker manufacturing and our latest Victa Elite series embodies all the values our brand stands for. Fabulous sound without voodoo, timeless looks without airs and graces, and workmanship that makes every Heco a faithful companion for many, many years. This also applies to the Victa Elite, a range of loudspeakers that allows you to combine everything from a compact hi-fi system to a complete home theater to suit your mood — even retrofitted, of course.

Ambient series

There is an increasing requirement for speakers to be integrated into a living room environment. In an ideal world, built-in speakers would solve this problem, however, these require corresponding structural measures. The perfect solution for such cases is therefore offered by the Ambient line. The speakers, which are available in different sizes and colors, measure just 77 and 85 mm deep, and can be configured for hi-fi systems and home cinema applications. An active, extremely compact subwoofer complements the system for enhanced bass performance.


Add-on loudspeakers that expand existing surround systems to include the treble channels needed for Dolby Atmos. The design and special principle of these top-firing modules mean that is it not necessary to fit loudspeakers in the ceiling — the AM 200s are simply placed on the enclosures of existing surround sound loudspeakers. The Atmos modules display very specific, strictly predefined dispersion characteristics; the treble channels of the Dolby Atmos 360° surround-scape are then generated via ceiling reflections

Aleva GT-602

Der Standlautsprecher Aleva GT 602 mit 3-Wege-Bassreflex und Doppelbass ist der mittlere von drei Standlautsprechern der Aleva-GT-Serie.
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