For 50 years German company Magnat gained a great experience in manufacturing Hi-Fi speakers and electronics. To make a great sounding speakers require a great deal of craftsmanship, knowledge and experience. Fortunately Magnat with a team of engineers has developped this experience, expanded and continued to learn. They put a great passion into every Magnat product so that music lovers would enjoy listening to their fawourite music.

MAGNAT TranspuLs


Magnat series

THX Home Cinema Speakers
Inexpensive series of speakers.
Entry into the Signature Class
Premium Audio Line
Premium hi-fi for aficionados

Center Channels

Atmos speakers


all sorts of HDMI products
«AV over IP» solutions
Control System by Key Digital software
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AV Installers
System integrators
CEDIA certificate
Ability to apply more advanced technical solutions
You will learn how to use the
latest technical solutions in your
audio-video installations.
Education is free and takes place
on the Key Digital website.
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