Acoustic Energy Loudspeakers have been manufacturing award-winning British loudspeakers from it's base in the Cotswolds, UK for over 30 years.


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Founded in London in 1987, Acoustic Energy revolutionized audio with the AE1 loudspeaker, setting new standards for compact speaker performance. Their designs maintain these principles of dynamic range, power, and clarity.

Every Acoustic Energy loudspeaker undergoes a meticulous design and testing process, ensuring each model meets the brand's high standards for sound quality. New designs are rigorously tested both by ear and through electro-acoustic measurements, and compared against historical models to ensure consistency in dynamics, transparency, and tonal accuracy.

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Acoustic Energy has earned numerous awards and acclaim from the global Hi-Fi press, solidifying its reputation as a leading audio brand. Since 1995, the company has operated from the Cotswolds, England, with a team of passionate music lovers boasting over a century of combined experience.

Owning an Acoustic Energy product promises a long-lasting, high-quality listening experience. Customers join an exclusive group that values British design and engineering excellence, supported by a top-tier warranty program—all for the love of music.

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